Automatic Single Use CIP System

The CIP System comprises of a detergent tank, plate heat exchanger, steam reducing station, CIP Pump, chemical tanks, chemical dozing pumps, valves and fittings and spray balls in the tank with the complete sequence is controlled by the PLC as per the process detailed below.

The Process:

1 Nitrogen Dozing: Nitrogen is dozed at a 4-5 bar pressure to empty closed systems, such as the Pin Rotors and the resting tube. The oil can thus be accumulated for re-processing.

2 Pre-Rinse: Soiled Equipments are rinsed with warm/hot water for 10 to 15 minutes to remove loose food soils. The temperature of water to be maintained at 15 deg more than the melting point of the emulsion. At no point should the temperature of water raise beyond 95 deg. As the solids content will be high during the pre-rinse stage, the solution is circulated through the system only once. The manually operated diverter valve at the inlet of the tank is to be kept in a position to drain the liquid.

3 Cleaning Cycle: The residual food soils from equipment surfaces are removed during the cleaning cycle. While the water is circulated through the system, it is also heated. Alkaline solution typically a concentrated solution of Caustic Soda is dozed into the pipeline with the help of the dozing pump and a pH indicator. The resulting solution needs to be maintained at a concentration of 1 - 1.5%. This solution is circulated through the system at 90 - 95 deg for 20 - 30 minutes. The dozing pump thus used will operate automatically on the feedback of the online pH meter to maintain the pH value between 13.09 - 13.57 to keep the concentration of Caustic soda within the allowable limit.

4 Post Rinse: All surfaces are further rinsed with cold and hot water to remove all remaining chemical solution and food soil residues. This process is continued until the pH of the solution reduces from 14 to 7-7.5.

4 Acid Rinse: A mild acid solution of Phosphoric Acid with a concentration of 0.5% is then circulated at approximately 50 deg for approximately 15-20 min to remove any alkaline residues. Post acid rinse all equipments may be sanitized with isopropyl alcohol that needs to be kept in all pipelines until the start of the next production cycle or can be rinsed with cold water for 10-15 min if the next production cycle is immediate. The acid cleaning may be done once every 4-5 cleaning cycles and not regularly as it could damage the hard chrome plating in the inner tube of the Sinitators.