Complete Hot Water Generation System

The packaged hot water system shall be skid mounted on the steam heated hot water system to give accurate pressure and temperature control, effective condensate removal, and instantaneous heating. It is designed, assembled, and mounted in a compact frame. The system shall have safety valve, and independent temperature shut off valve, for sensing the secondary temperature. The heat exchangers will be made of S.S 316, and welded parts shall be complete with EPDM Gaskets, with the flexibility to increase the output by the simple addition of extra plates.

The hot water package system shall be equipped with the following items Pre-assembled and mounted on a skid:

Steam Pressure Reducing Station Comprising of:

1 Stop Valve Piston Type Flanged
2 Spirax Marshal Moisture Separator -Cast Iron, Flanged NIBR
3 Spirax Marshal Y Type Strainer - F 32, Cast Iron, Flanged to ASA 150 NIBR
4 Spirax Marshal Pressure Reducing Valve - DP 13, Cast Steel, Flanged to ASA 150 NIBR
5 Safety Relief Valve
6 Spirax Marshal PPPPu+Trap(PPT) Model PPT 14, Flanged NIBR
7 Control Valve with I/P Positioner for control of Water Temperature in the Tank

The pressure of the steam shall be reduced to 2.5 Bar, and then fed to the Plate Heat Exchanger for the generation of Hot Water.

Plate Heat Exchanger shall be of Alfa Laval Make Heat Exchanger, to give the desired output made out of S.S 316 plates. The frame of the PHE shall be of MS, however may be replaced with SS Cladded frame at an additional Cost. However, care will be taken to ensure that the water does not come in contact with the Water heated. The Gaskets used for the PHE shall be food grade NBR.

Spirax Make Pump trap combination shall be used to remove condensate at all load conditions, with dedicated steam pressure powered pump trap packaged unit. Interconnection pipes, stop valves and NRV, will be required as needed. The condensate return line shall be connected to the Overhead Tank of the Boiler, without any additional storage to save energy.