Refrigeration System

The SSHEs are flooded type heat exchangers and when used for the manufacture of Speciality Fats, will require a highly optimized low cost refrigeration system. The refrigeration system is to be specifically designed universally to produce a range of products with varied proportions of solids in the vegetable fat used in the manufacture of Shortening and Margarine. The heat to be removed from the emulsion mainly comprises of sensible heat and heat of crystallization in addition to other frictional load.

We at Standards International, use Ammonia refrigeration systems as ammonia is an environmentally compatible refrigerant with superior thermodynamic properties. The systems are also inherently safe as small leaks can be detected by its pungent odour and can be designed to be safe. The Ammonia circuit comprises of a compressor, a condenser, a receiver, an evaporator which are the Sinitators, a knock off drum and the oil separator with different types of compressors and condensers are used in the circuit.