Bio-Reactors & Systems

Developed and commissioned Bio-Reactors & Systems for one of the leading Biotech Company in the world. This is a revolutionary innovation in process technology for extraction of special type of enzymes. This process has set new standards of excellence in process technology at international levels. SI’s engineering excellence in this module has also set standards of excellence in bio-engineering meeting all rigid specifications precisely and with engineering genius in design and development. This has raised SIPEPL and its Client to the top in the world map in this field of Bio-Engineering. Standard International

This turnkey project covered the following key functions

a. Basic concept and planning

b. P &I diagram layout

c. Original design and development

d. Manufacturing and fabrication

e. Installation and commissioning at site.

The execution of this project in record time was a complete success. It fulfilled all specifications precisely and excelled all expectations in terms of end result.

The above assignment is a major contribution of SIPEPL to Client’s R & D efforts in biotechnological development. SI has been successful in translating every one of technical innovations in terms of production engineering module with engineering excellence.

Further developments in this area are in progress and SI has its contributions as partner in Customer’s Developmental Endeavour.

Plants for Shortening & Margarine Manufacture

Shortening & Margarine on turnkey basis, which primarily consists of “SinitatorsTM and Crystallizers”, which are heart and brain of the referred plant.

Standard International Our innovations of “SinitatorsTM and Crystallizers” are at par with the European Equipment Manufacturers which has helped us gain a major market share in India and neighbouring countries. Many turnkey products have been installed and commissioned in India and abroad.

SIPEPL has always thrived on technological developments and the new design comprising tailor made SinitatorsTM Skid and Crystallizer Skid with associated piping, electrical installations and control panels of preset specifications have added new dimensions to the up gradation of processes and working at several in different countries.

Cannery for Mushroom Manufacturing Plants

This project involved major modifications in the design and process engineering of a Korean plant owned in India by M/s. Hindustan Lever ., to suit the Indian conditions. This called for complete rehashing of the plant layout, associated piping, sizing and process equipments. This was planned on a P &I diagram layout. The successful commissioning of this project was achieved in record time in the early days of the company which earned the company a name in the market.

Defence Supplies for Advanced System Integration & Elevation Organization

Standard International
SI is a one of the trusted vendor for Indian Defence for their requirements of Software Envelops also known as Chassis and Trays. SI has the distinction of developing this hardware for housing software. This required exclusive design, precise specifications and rigid controls at every stage. These units are extensively used in low combat aircrafts such as Sukhois, MIG’s and Jaguars of Indian Airforce manufactured by Russia.

Industrial Piping and Installations.

Standard Internationa
SI has undertaken several specialty projects of industrial piping requiring precision, original design, data sheets, sizing, flanges, filters, valves and unions of precise specifications.

Skid Mounted Equipment, Packages and System:

Standard Internationa

SI specializes in innovative engineering excellence and undertaking turnkey assignments which cover project engineering, design and development of speciality items like pressure vessels, static and rotary modules, packages, systems and assemblies, fabricated and machined components including industrial piping in stainless steel and carbon steel conforming to choice quality standards & specifications of customers.