As part of the Batching System provided by Standards International for the manufacture of Shortening, Margarine and Table Spread, different raw materials (different oils and water) are taken in different quantities as per a pre-defined recipe, to which emulsifiers, anti oxidants and other ingredients are added manually to make a homogenous emulsion ready to be fed to the processing section.

For batching, two tanks mandatory for all products are the Premix tank and the Buffer tank. The premix tank stands on three live load cells while the batching system automatically transfers different oils from different tanks as required by the recipe selected. Buffer tank continuously supplies the blend to the processing section while the next batch is prepared in the Premix Tank. Shortening can be prepared with the help of only the Premix and the Buffer Tank.

However, for the manufacture of Margarine, it is required to add two more tanks of smaller capacities namely the Emulsifier Tank and the Water Phase Tank. Both these tanks also stand on live load cells and are integrated into the batching system to optimize production.

Furthermore, for the manufacture of products with SMP or Cocoa an additional Milk Preparation Tank would be required with a High Shear Blender to blend SMP and form a homogeneous solution before transferring it to the Premix Tank. The Milk Preparation Tank will also be standing on Load cells and the same will be integrated into the batching system.