The final emulsion is a blend of different oils, water, emulsifiers, anti-oxidants, salt, and flavour which involves both automatic transfer of raw materials and manual transfer is facilitated using four to five Batching Tanks.

The Batching Tanks designed for the process by SIPEPL are flat bottomed SS304/SS316 Tanks with Limped Coils along the shell and the bottom. The Flat Bottom is specifically used to provide localized heat transfer for the Emulsifiers settled at the bottom in the Emulsifier Tanks quickening the Batching process. In addition, the tanks are equipped with Agitators with variable speed that ensures the emulsion is never separated.

The Tanks are provided with a food grade finish ensuring no crevices on the inside with all temperature controllers and level sensors ensuring batching without hassles. Spray Nozzles are provided for easy CIP.

Batching Tanks Batching Tanks