We, Standards International Precision Engineers Pvt Ltd are the pioneers in the manufacture of various food processing equipments. Over the past 10 years, we have grown as the market leaders, with successful installations of more than 100 food processing plants all across the country.

We offer turn-key solutions to businesses that produce various bakery products and speciality fats like non-emulsified or emulsified shortenings, bakery fat, cake shortening, table margarine, cake margarine, fat spread with milk fat, fat spread without milk fat, cocoa butter substitutes, puff shortening, reconstituted butter, cream margarine, cream shortening, puff margarine etc.

We provide complete solutions on designing, manufacture, and installation of Surface Scraped Heat Exchanger or the SSHE. We are elated by the fact that we have been able to successfully produce some of the best-selling brands both internationally as well as in India. Among some of our valued clients are the prominent names like Adani Wilmar India, Bidco Kenya, Unilever Srilanka, as Bunge India, just to name a few.

We follow the PLC and SCADA quality mythologies for providing complete automation of food processing plants. We also extend our services for formulating the recipes according to the market needs or customer requirements.

We cater to the needs of a wide segment of food processing companies, because we manufacture an extensive range of food processing units like emulsification equipment for margarine, the scraped surface heat exchangers etc.

Our equipments are also used in the manufacture of bakery shortening, emulsifier shortening, hydrogenated shortening, margarine, butter, mayonnaise, ice cream, puff pastry, mayonnaise, ketchup, and many others.

At Standards International Precision Engineers Pvt Ltd, we manufacture special machinery for packaging of bakery shortenings. They are made to accurately synchronize with the processing line, thereby ensuring uninterrupted productions.

Our professionals in the R & D Dept have been working actively with our clients to help them derive at specific specialty fats, depending upon their requirements. Our laboratories are well equipped with state of the art machinery including the NMR analysis tools. We also manufacture products to do the market testing, before companies start on commercial productions.

One of the biggest reasons why we have been able to exceed our client expectations is because of the top quality services that we render on each and every given instance. We also extend our services on repair and maintenance of equipments like old brick packing machines and others.

We have been noticing the steadily growing demands for specialty fats all across the globe. This has prompted many manufacturers to take up this lucrative business opportunity. We have been offering expert solutions to our clients on making the right choices when it comes to choosing the food processing equipments.

We at Standards International Precision Engineers Pvt Ltd offer complete solutions in the designing and manufacture of processing plants. In addition to quality manufacturing, we walk that extra mile to help our clients with the installation of processing plants on their locations. Additionally, we also train their operators with our in-depth knowledge on specialty fat product manufacturing.

We welcome customer feedbacks, and it is always our constant endeavour to provide customized solutions according their requirements. The main aim of our company is to ensure uninterrupted productions on our client locations. The equipments that we manufacture are built for durability, and are strongly backed with proper technical support.

Our Vision

Engineering Excellence through Technical Innovations