Packing of Pastry Margarine in blocks of 2 ½ Kg, 5 Kg, 10 Kg and more in Block Form will require dedicated machinery and more importantly expertise in the product front as compared to packing in cartons. However, margarine packed in blocks have proven to be better variants of Margarine as compared to those filled in cartons, for the simple reason that the handling of blocks is much easier for the end user as compared to handling products from the cartons as well as margarine if to be packed as blocks will need to be crystallized at least 90% with the rest of the crystallization happening in the next 48 hours, an important factor over which there is little control when packed in cartons. Since there is little control over this factor, the quality of the product will be much superior as compared to those packed in cartons.

The final crystallization of the product in the case of block formation is ensured by the use of the Resting Tube. Resting time is especially important for products such as table, cake and puff pastry margarine as it is during this time that the final crystallization will take place, only after which the product will get the desired properties. One end of the resting tube is connected to the outlet of the Sinitator through a three way diverter valve. The other end of the resting tube will have a circular to rectangular transition piece with a fixed cross section each of the weights mentioned above.

The 2 1/2 kg and the 5 kg blocks use a separate packing machine in conjunction with the Resting Tube. In this proposed packing, a parchment paper of a desired length is cut and automatically positioned in a way that the 2 ½ kg or the 5 kg block is centrally placed on it

after being cut. The packet with the block then moves on the conveyor during which the first two folds will take place automatically. However, the last two folds are to be made manually before dropping the block in the carton.

The packing of the 10 kg and 15 kg block is done with a combination of a Block Cutting Machine, the block packing machine and the block packing out conveyor. In this process the appropriate size cartons taped on one side with polythene bag inserted in it needs to be placed on the conveyor. The resting tube will have a circular to rectangular transition piece with a fixed cross section, once the desired weight is cut with the help of the Block Cutting Machine it gets automatically placed in the carton with the help of the Block Packing machine and the Block Packing Conveyor. The carton can then be passed through a sealer to seal the polythene bag and close the carton from the top.



The Packing of Table Margarine can be either done in Sachets, Tubs or Bricks of different sizes; however it is important that a particular hardness and texture of the product be maintained for filling in different forms. The desired properties of the product can be obtained by a combination of:

1. Choice of Emulsion
2. Temperature and Pressure profiles in the system
3. Resting Time after Crystallization.


Margarine if required to be filled in Sachets will require a custom designed Margarine Filler Head and the Vertical Form, Fill and Seal Machine. Additionally, such a filling may also require a small size resting tube if any specific resting time is required to get the desired properties in the product. However, the resting time is specific to the product and will be quoted separately on request.

The Filling and Sealing Machine is of Bosch make and integrated with dedicated Filling Head designed by SIPEPL. The Filling and Sealing Machines are available in different models and sizes for a specific range of filling .

For Filling 20 - 200 grams the Vertical Form, Fill & Seal Machine of Bosch is of Model TW 100 NEL in which the bag size can vary from 40 – 165mm in width & 60 – 250mm in length.

For Filling 250 - 1000 grams the Vertical Form, Fill & Seal Machine of Bosch is of Model TW 100 SPL in which the bag size can vary from 100 – 350mm in width & 80 – 250mm in length.

The dedicated Filling Heads integrated to these Bosch Filling & Sealing Machines are different.

Hence, by having these 2 sets of Filling Machines there can be flexibility to fill Margarine ranging from 20 grams to 1000 grams. However the Margarine filler for each of the weights will require a different Margarine Filler Head. The Margarine Filler Head can be designed for any sizes ranging from 20 grams to 1000 grams. The requirement as mentioned by you is for 20 grams, 100 grams, 250 grams, 450/500 grams & 1000 grams [1 Kg], each of which will require a dedicated filler head and 2 sets of sachet forming and sealing machines.

3.00 Tubs

Similarly Table Margarine can be filled in Tubs of any sizes from 50 grms to 1000 grms [1 Kg] and the requirement mentioned by you is for 250 grms, 450 / 500 grms & 1000 grms [1 Kg]. However, changing the capacity of the machine from one weight to another requires a lot of changes in the machine which is time consuming and making it economically nonviable solution. Hence we recommend the use of the different machines for different capacity filling.

4.00 Bricks

Packing in Bricks poses an important challenge for Margarine as the product should neither be so hard that it chokes up the system nor too soft for packing and the choice of emulsion, temperature profiles and the resting time play a more important role in obtaining the product that can be packed in bricks. As the machinery to pack in Bricks is a solution provided by a few European companies also works out a very expensive solution for the end user.

As an alternative, we propose the use of old European machinery bought from Europe and duly reconditioned by us and made suitable for packing Margarine. The Brick Packing machine is available to pack 15-20 grams pack, 100 grams pack and 250/500 gram pack with us.

We M/s. Standards International Precision Engineers Pvt Ltd., [SIPEPL] make these machines in different combinations wherein the Resting Tube shall be common but the rest of the facilities of cutting & packing shall be manual, semiautomatic or fully automatic. In the subsequent paragraphs proposals with various alternatives are presented for your perusal.