Block Cutting Machine

The packing of the 10 kg and 15 kg block is done with a combination of a Block Cutting Machine, the block packing machine and the block packing out conveyor. In this process the appropriate size cartons taped on one side with polythene bag inserted in it needs to be placed on the conveyor. The resting tube will have a circular to rectangular transition piece with a fixed cross section, once the desired weight is cut with the help of the Block Cutting Machine it gets automatically placed in the carton with the help of the Block Packing machine and the Block Packing Conveyor. The carton can then be passed through a sealer to seal the polythene bag and close the carton from the top.

Block Cutting Unit

The Block Cutting Unit is mounted on the rectangular mouth of Resting Tube. The Block Cutting Unit will comprise of a pneumatically actuated cylinder with a cutting maintained at a temperature slightly higher than the temperature of the product to ensure hassle free cutting of the product. With the cross section of the product constant, it is the length of the block that is varied to determine the weight of the block.

Block Packing Machine

The Block Packing Unit comprises of a platform that collects the block once it is cut by the Block Cutting Unit and inserts it in the carton box.

Initially the block comes out of the Resting Tube mouth and gets supported from bottom by a roller. The roller is additionally provided with a heater control to ensure that the product does not stick to the resting platform in the Block Packing Machine. A sensor is suitably mounted on the Packing machine platform at a length from the cutting edge such that the weight of the product is as desired by the user. On sensing the product, the PLC controlled system performs the following operations:

• Cutting action of the Block Cutting Machine, during which the heater for the Nichrome is automatically turned on and off.
Retrieval of the support platform from the cutting edge for packing.
Roller support for the next block, while the packing of the current block is in progress.
Tilting of the platform to 45 deg to slide the block out of the platform
Retrace of the support platform to support the next block

Conventionally, a frame shall be provided on the platform to insert the polyethylene bag with the machine. The user will require inserting the polythene bag on the frame and holding the bag while the block drops into the bag. The bag may then be sealed and placed in the carton box sealed at the bottom.

Block Packing Machine Conveyor

The Block Packing Machine Conveyor is a utility that can be used to collect the 10-15 kg blocks in cartons which would otherwise be very hard to handle considering the weight of the blocks. Furthermore the Block Packing Conveyor has the advantage that it requires comparatively less man power for packing the 15 kg blocks in carton bags in addition to being a more hygienic alternative to the traditional manual method. The Conveyor is a single belt driven conveyor of 3 meter in length. The Conveyor driven by a Drum Motor is always in running condition. The two Photo-electric Sensors placed on the conveyor detect the boxes and activate the pneumatically actuated cylinders. Once the filled carton moves out of the conveyor, another arrangement sends the next empty carton to the tilting platform, while queuing the subsequent boxes on the conveyor.