Brick Packing Machine

Brick Packing Machines - Reconditioned (Benhil Make)

Packing in Bricks poses an important challenge for Margarine, as the product should neither be so hard that it chokes up the system, nor should it be too soft for packing. The choice of emulsion, temperature profiles, and the resting time, play a more important role in obtaining the product that can be packed in bricks. As the machinery to pack in Bricks is a solution provided by a few European companies, also works out to be a very expensive solution for the end user.

As an alternative, we propose the use of old European machinery bought from Europe and duly reconditioned by us, and is made suitable for packing Margarine. The Brick Packing machine is available to pack 15-20 grams pack, 100 grams pack and 250/500 gram pack with us.