Plant Automation


Graphic User Interface & Report Formats

This will be operator interface software with the help of which the operator interacts with the measurement system and controls of the plant. The software will be capable of meeting functional requirements described in next section and will offer ease of operation and good reliability. Only latest version of the software will be offered.

Mimic Diagram

Standard International A mimic diagram showing the full flow-sheet (P & I diagram) along with all instruments will be shown on monitor screen. A zoom in zoom out facility will be available so that portion of the flow sheet or any equipment can be zoomed to full screen along with all the instruments, such that operator can read the different process parameters on the instruments. The reading will be dynamically updated and displayed. There will be one screen showing the full instrumentation system of the whole plant. Other screens will show different sub systems in details. There will be provisions for navigating in between each and every screen in each section. All the measured parameters and controls related to each sub system will be shown on the respective page. Each sub system may also have several screens showing all the instrumentation in details. The screen will to be made in consultation with the engineers at site.

On-line Data Displaying & Data Recording (Real Time Trending)

Standard International There will be a facility to see different group of data in the form of graphs, bar charts and in the form of tables/reports as real time. Printing facility of these graphs and tables will be available (in colour) from operating screen, without leaving the window. The time graph will be able to show previous data. A facility to move a cross-hair cursor is available to know the tag value at the cursor position. Bar graphs with different colours will be displayed to see and compare different parameters.

Alarm Management

Alarms are notification to the operators informing about the abnormal conditions of the plant that may warrant prompt actions from the operators. The operator responds by acknowledging the alarm and by taking prompt actions to set right the abnormal conditions.

Historical Trending

All parameters will be stored on hard disk at an interval settable by the user. Different window pre-programmed by the user will display the required data from a specified time to a specified period. And from there to move forward and backward using ‘Panning’ facility using Up/Down & Left /Right arrows keys. Printing facility will be available for historical graphs etc in colour & for the specified period.

Alarm & Trip History

There will be a facility to set high & low alarm limits and trip limits, individually for all parameters. A table /report will keep all the alarm and trip history i.e. day, time of occurring and the value and name of the tag. An alarm window will always be visible on the screen independent of which ever screen (mentioned above) you are in. It will have facility of highlighting the latest alarm which has occurred. On acknowledging the alarm the alarm window will show it as acknowledged with a different colour. The alarm will only vanish from screen when the alarming condition has been cleared. The software will have facility for grouping of user definable priority levels and multiple alarm ranges for as many numbers of tags selected by the user.


The software will prepare different types of data reports e.g. shift report, daily report, and monthly report and on demand report of user selected parameters for measured and computed parameters in suitable formats as required by the user. The software will have facility of linking with standard databases so that the report format can be changed as and when required. Report will be preferably being transportable to other software like MS Excel, MS- Word. The software will have facility of connectivity with databases such as SQL SERVER.


Recipes are pre-defined Set values that are to be downloaded into the Device/Controller to perform the required batch function. The SCADA package supports Recipe management using which recipes can be configured and downloaded based on a Button click from the Graphic page during on-line. The number of Recipe files that can be configured will be based on application requirements and the recipe values can be altered on-line.