Processing Plant

The processing of Bakery Shortening, Margarine and Table Spread starts with Batching a process in which a homogenous emulsion of a mixture of oils, water, emulsifiers etc is prepared to be fed to the processing section.

Upon the completion of preparation of a batch, the emulsion is pasteurized and then pumped into the Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger with the help of a positive displacement pump. The emulsion is subject to cooling in these high pressure heat exchangers which are the heart of any Shortening and Margarine plants. During this phase, the emulsion’s temperature is dropped to 8-10 deg from about 55-60 deg with the help of continuous chilling and scarping action. Once chilled, the product is crystallized in three different stages. The first phase of crystallization is done with the help of the Crystallizer in which the product is worked with the help of pins on both the rotating shaft and the body. The Second Phase of Crystallization is done with the help of a Resting Tube in which the product passes through a jacketed tube with Sieve Plates. However, the final stage of crystallization takes place in the cold room for certain products or the warehouse for certain other over a maximum period of 48-72 hours.

Packing can be done in various forms ranging from sachets and tubs of 15 grams to 15-20 kg blocks. Different packaging requires different packaging machines depending on the type of product and end user. The Plant shall also have a remelt section, comprising of a remelt tank, Sinimelt and Continuous Remelt to melt the product in case the product needs to be re-processed.