SinitatorTM (SSHE)

The SinitatorsTM (SSHE) are the heart of the Crystallization Line. It is these Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger in which the emulsion is shock chilled when it passes through the annular space between the rotor shaft and the chilling tube.

The High Pressure Tubular Chillers are made of hard chromed carbon steel with corrugated outer surface and designed to ensure effective heat transfer between the cooling medium and the product.

All parts of the SinitatorTM that come in contact with the product are made of AISI 316 and the non contact parts are made of AISI 304.

The Knife System comprising of Delrin blades on the rotor shafts are pressed against the chiller tubes by centrifugal force ensuring consistent scraping. The pulley/gear driven rotor shafts are attempered with water from built-in water heater with temperature control and indication considerably reducing down time.

The cooling system comprising of a special built-in drop tank ensures no freeze during short production breaks. The automated refrigeration system of the evaporator ensures the set temperature is constantly maintained at all times.