Speciality Fats

Speciality Fats (Bakery Shortening and Margarine) belong to a unique category of fats made from all or any vegetable oils only such as cotton seed, soya bean, rice bran, sunflower, sesame, palm oil, Palmolein blended with other ingredients such as water, salt, milk with anti-oxidants and other preservatives. Traditionally used as key ingredients in Puffs and Pastries, Aerated and Special Biscuits, Cake and Cake Toppings has seen a growing demand as substitutes for cocoa butter, milk fat, butter etc. With the supply of the original fat not able to meet the growing global demands.

Growing global demands for speciality fats has made the manufacture of these fats a very lucrative proposition for the Edible Oil Refineries, however requires the right set of equipments and expertise in the field. At Standards International Precision Engineers Pvt. Ltd, we engineer the complete processing plant, manufacture and supply equipments, commission at site, impart product know how and train the operators.

Range of Products that can be manufactured in our Crystallization Line includes:

1. Fluid Shortening

2. Emulsified, Non- Emulsified and aerated shortenings

3. Bakery Fat

4. Table Margarine

5. Fat Spread with or without milk fat.

6. Re- Constituted butter

7. Cocoa butter substitute and equivalents

8. Cake Margarine

9. Cake Shortening

10. Cream Margarine & Shortening [both aerated & non aerated]

11. Puff Shortening

12. Puff Margarine